So i preordered xs max on 9/26 ETS is from 10/17/18-11/02/18 wth now? apple or the warehouse needs to step up there game damn this waiting thing is driving me nuts and wearing down my patience. It’s… (Show more)
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Maybe a stupid question, but does FaceTime use talk minutes (prepaid plan) or just data? i have unlimited data but very limited talk minutes so I don't want to use it unless I am sure that it won't… (Show more)
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T-mobile does not support ESIM for iPhone XS at the moment?
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I've been with TMO for years and NEVER once had a late payment. I've had JOD since the iPhone 5 and jumped ever since with $0 down. now since last year the iPhone X they were asking or a $280.00… (Show more)
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Why is T-Mobile charging over $200 than Anyone else for the Apple Watch 4? Does it come with extras? I am debating between the 3 and 4 since the 3 is price right just like anyone else.
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I had bought a unlock LG G5 H83020i_un from Amazon and I have 1st April 2017 Android 7 Update which is not listed in the site. I want to update to latest Oreo update but when I try and search for… (Show more)
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I recently called into Tmobile support because my wife tried to trade in her S9+ for a iPhone 8 per our Jump On Demand contract. We were told that Tmobile no longer offers the iPhone 8 as an option… (Show more)
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OK. We bought 2 Samsung S9 through costco. They gave us a promo sheet. I have attempted to fill out but it would not let me complete it. Called T-Mobile support, told to call Costco, Costco said to… (Show more)
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Here's the predicament we are in because of a blocked imei.  We got a phone for one of our kids 9 months ago from a private seller.  At the time of purchase we verified that the imei was clean at the… (Show more)
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I switched from att to t mobile with my unlocked phone due to getting a divorce and getting off the family plan I spoke at length with a t mobile rep on varies things i ended up with so many problems… (Show more)
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I have an iPhone X that I recently took to Blue Mesa in Colorado. It says I should have coverage throughout almost the entire thing, but I never got a single bar. For 1 second I roamed onto Comnet,… (Show more)
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