I just switched over to T-Mobile one instead of doing prepaid. The salesperson told me the benefits I would get unlimited internet and free netflix. Whenever I got home I went to set it up and it… (Show more)
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Okay I am pretty sure its a misprint or if its not T-Mobile is engaging in some strange price gouging. Over on the T-mobile website under the phone section there are multiple buy one get one at… (Show more)
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I have the ZTE Quartz smartwatch with it's own service line. I have a question: is it possible to call my own smartphone from my smartwatch? I have tried this and the calls ring once and then go to… (Show more)
is there any difference in the plans ,offers,deals or prices online or at a store?
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how do we get our complaints to Samsung in order to make them reimplement this feature?? it was SO helpful to know who was texting without having to stop what you were doing and check the phone. this… (Show more)
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From what I remember there was a word association thread on the old T-Mobile forum. Let us start a new one!!!! I'll be the first.   CHILLS.
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I am not able to use the new sim card (new career) after unlocking my phone via the app "Device Unlock". Phone Galaxy S8 has been paid-off since April 2018. Device Unlocked since April 2018.… (Show more)
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I am very dissapointed on the BOGO offers that Tmobile currently has.  I have been a long time customer and need to buy only 1 phone . Verizon and Best Buy are offering the phone for $450 with a 24… (Show more)
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I just got my Samsung Galaxy 9 and I am having trouble figuring out how to take a screenshot.
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I've had the $30 Walmart prepaid T-Mobile plan for several years. Every time I've upgraded phones, I just bought an unlocked version and moved my SIM to the new phone. This time, I'd like to purchase… (Show more)
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