On both my S9 and now my Note 8 the updates made it impossible to read calendar, see settings icons, or read menu items. When I called T-Mobile abut the T-Mobile update, I was told to call Samsung.… (Show more)
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I just got the Galaxy S10 and can't figure out how to turn off the short jingle it plays when I turn it on. I have muted system sounds which I would have thought would have done the trick but it… (Show more)
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Anyone have the unlocked version and still haven't recieved the Android pie update?
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How long is it going to take for android pie update for note 8.
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when is the 5 g network coming to Spokane Washington and is my note8 device compatible For the 5g network? I have the 50+ plan. Sure want the 5g network can not afford a new phone. Thanks
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T-Mobile doesnt make it easy to file a complaint.  I was lied to by a store employee regarding warranty, I came into store and the manager said there was nothing he could do for me, I called the… (Show more)
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When will T- Mobile users receive 5G speeds? Where will we receive those speeds? Because I know that AT&T Note 9's already receive 5G evolution speeds. Will Note 8 be capable of receiving 5G data… (Show more)
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Hello,   I purchased a Samsung Galaxy S8 device directly from Samsung. Unbeknownst to me when I purchased the phone, it was and is still locked on T-Mobile. I found this out when I was in the… (Show more)
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I am travelling from Australia to the US next week and have purchased a prepaid esim through the Tmobile app for use while travelling. I wasn't sent a QR code or "SM-DP+address" how do I activate the… (Show more)
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I figured I would ask before I go through the trouble of resetting my phone. I was part of the beta for pie and have been using it for a little while. I wanted to check if my phone is unlocked or not… (Show more)
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