Hi, I have a problem!   My phone was acting quite sluggish, even after using the Device Maintenance App.  I thought that it might be that I needed to go to Android OS and Wipe Cache Partition So I… (Show more)
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all I get is robocalls and T Mobile is no help at all. Can anyone suggest a better phone service?
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I have a brand LG G7   Device is clear, paid off, verified by Tmobile that it can be unlocked. Clean IMEI, etc   10-12 reps, 2 superviosors and 4 tech support reps are unable to help unlock this… (Show more)
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I was with TMobile for close to 3+ years and decided to move on when my kids needed phones and TMobile was getting expensive. I went to Metro PCS, TMobile's sister concern in April and they told me… (Show more)
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I am currently running and htc 10 with oreo. My hotspot is turning off after about 15 minutes. In the hotspot settings I have already turned the power to "always on". After about 15 minutes the data… (Show more)
I purchased my beats less than a year ago and now I have been having some issues with it staying connected to my phone. What is the warranty on accessories with tmobile that are on eip?
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my son bought an s6 in may 2017 from a store on Ebay, it was unlocked with Tmobile branding on boot up. we live in the UK and it appears to be a US model SM-920T. It was working fine with a 3 sim… (Show more)
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Has anyone been able to get update questions about Samsung devices escalated to the proper team? I spend a few hours today with Samsung and T-Mobile about the long delay's for updates and got… (Show more)
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I'm experiencing poor reception in my iPhone X. Usually poor data service (usually 2 bars, sometime 1 bars) in the Bellevue/Redmond WA area (zip code 98005, 98004) and around downtown Issaquah.… (Show more)
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