I asked for a monthly discount from a Tmobile customer service rep today and just to find out that they do not have any. He just advised me to go to this community blog with the hope that a Tmobile… (Show more)
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Would a 4G T-Mobile Sim Card be compatible with all 6 4G bands? Is there a way to check which frequencies and Bands my SIM card is compatible with?
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How is the moto g7 play with band 71 on tmobile?  Does the band 71 give higher speeds?  is it worth buying the g7 play over g7 to get band 71? thanks
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I just upgraded from an S7 edge to a LG V30. My S7 allowed me to send pictures and videos up to 100mb via the messaging app. Does the LG V30 not have that capability? It makes me resize everything… (Show more)
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I know the OnePlus 6T security patch level is out of date. Do we expect to see new features soon? I was hoping it could get an update for better battery features like its global variant.
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Hello! I unfortunately downloaded the feature removing and function destroying update that is the OneUI android Pie update. Among the list of problems: Can't remove Bixby from the bixby button.… (Show more)
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It took t-mobile 1 weeks to "coordinate" send the phone, but they sent the wrong phone and I have called 3x and been on hold for 2 hrs each time.  Every time, they say the same thing, we are dealing… (Show more)
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For one of my contacts, the schedule sending and the forwarding options are missing. They are present for all my other contacts. What's up with that?
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After I performed the Android Pie/One UI upgrade on my Note 8 I noticed my call quality drop badly.  After noticing my calls were listed as HD+ I realized VoLTE must be on.  However the option to… (Show more)
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My wife and I just switched to T-Mobile, and we are having trouble with dropped calls (both using Samsung Galaxy S10e). Whenever I make a call it eventually "drops" in the sense that the person on… (Show more)
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