Hello   So I just bought the prepaid T-mobile 10gb high speed 4g lte data and unlimited talk and text and cant seem to activate it. I´m visiting from abroad and have my own device with me. When I… (Show more)
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I have a Nest Guard with the Cell Backup option.  That uses T-Mobile as the carrier.  According to the T-mobile coverage map, I should have coverage, but the signal at my house is so low that the… (Show more)
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I never has service with T-Mobil. Just found that my credit history showed a collection from T-Mobile which was already forwarded to collection agency. Don't want to talk with them. How should I… (Show more)
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For some reason, the Google search app is no longer displaying correctly. It's like the search results are "visually" truncated after 1 1/2 screens of information.   For example, I searched for… (Show more)
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This will be the last time I buy a TMobile branded phone.  Phone is still on 9.5.7 and I see people on 9.5.10  I guess it is time to flash the international software to get updates to a phone .
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When I don't have an access to internet instantly I often use T-mobile refill center service to pay over the phone, and it really, really, sucks asz. It asks you 100 million questions before you can… (Show more)
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A while back, I was using a security/antivirus app provided free of charge by TMobile. To the best of my knowledge, it was available for installation/use on all my lines on my account.   I've found… (Show more)
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T-Mobile employees, when is the Galaxy A50 coming to T-Mobile?!  It's already out on Sprint, Verizon and ATT.  The phone has good specs for a great price.  If you don't know, can you all raise some… (Show more)
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Can you reload the firmware for a Samsung S5 active.
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Getting to know you is great aid in building a stronger relationship and shaping the Un-carrier experience... and Get to Know Your Customers Day is coming up this Thursday, July 18th! So don't be… (Show more)
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