My phone is locked...I tried my passwords and no chance. I called customer service and was on hold for 25 minute. then there was a voice message that they are closed. Call back in the morning. And we… (Show more)
in Account & services
How do I track a phone on my account.
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where did this feature go it fall off this face of this earth    I us to get $10 bucks per line then it went $5 a month then nothing. I am losing features like me losing my keys. This ship is sinking.… (Show more)
in Account & services
I ve spoke with one of tmo customer service supervisor on Feb of 13th , she said I could get the pie update coming fed 18th . Today is the Feb 18th . Nothing happened . Tmo is the liar and lazy .… (Show more)
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Is there a date yet for when LG G7 going get a roll out for the Pie 9.0 System Update?
in Android products
Since upgrading to Android pie on my S9 plus I no longer can receive phone calls.  I can make them just fine but when I receive them often the phone doesn't even show I'm receiving a call but still… (Show more)
in Android products
I have a unique opportunity to have access to a Google Pixel and an iPhone.   I've read the thread on why some texts come through T-Mobile's SMS system with what appears to be an arbitrary and… (Show more)
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I have seen on several maps that 600MHZ B71 is up and running on the 15 freeway in California east of Victorville including most areas between there and the east Mojave desert area. I have a Samsung… (Show more)
in Network & coverage
I want to make my number private so if someone googles my number my name doesnt show up !
in Android products
If I purchase an iPhone from the Apple store/site, is my bill added to my current T-Mobile bill automatically or could I keep those payments separate from each other? Like, I have my boyfriend would… (Show more)
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