Hello I would like some clarification from those who may have more information.   For the past two years T-Mobile support/sales has been saying multiple phones sold (in the last 2 years) (some… (Show more)
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I switched October 13th from AT&t to T-Mobile. I switched over with a Sony xz-2. Which has been 12 but is not certified with T-Mobile definitely does not have band 71. Seems to work but when I do… (Show more)
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My daughter has a Samsung Gravity TXT T379, and keeps getting a message that says "messaging inbox full" and it won't receive any text messages until she deletes some. But I've checked her memory and… (Show more)
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Android Chrome eats LOTS of background mobile data on my phone. This is despite the fact that in Android setups I DISALLOWED Chrome to use background data (i.e., Settings -> Connections -> Data usage… (Show more)
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My phone is paid for in one more month.  Since i got the phone i have had the ongoing problems with it as you can see in my account.  Please read the last two years.   phone calls dropping does it… (Show more)
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My father is suffering from dementia.  He has T-mobile.  In the past 60 days, he has received robo-calls and unsolicited calls from people asking for money.  He has given them what they ask for. … (Show more)
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Just wanna to check if there some exist customer still have old papa plan which doesn't have unlimited data(no the hot spot data I mean) we have been T-mobile customer for over 9 years and just… (Show more)
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Phone: Pixel 3 OS: Android 10, latest updates Tmobile APN: set to ipv4/ipv6   I was able to remotely view all of my amcrest cams and all of my ring cams (I have a total of 14… (Show more)
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On the web site I was able to view my current bill usage information from Sept 14th. through Oct 13th. However now since the 14th. of this month that usage information is nowhere to be found on line.… (Show more)
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T-mobile usage shows incoming and outgoing texts between my husband and I that lasted all day up to almost 4am. I was asleep during that time. From the usage under his number it shows we were talking… (Show more)
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I phoned yesterday to change my account to cease one of my phone numbers and paid $50 for the next month. I was told to phone back today to confirm the cease order but my account has been frozen… (Show more)
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