This isn't as clearly documented as it probably should be.  I have a Netflix account.  I have an eligible T-Mobile plan for "Netflix on Us". What is the entire process, soup to nuts, on 1) enabling… (Show more)
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I am not receiving verification texts. My bank requires verification and I never receive the texts I have to use email. How do fix this?
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Hi,   I'm using iPhone 8 Plus with T-Mobile service. Since last Saturday, there is no service on my phone, I can not make any phone calls or sending any messages. I did reset all the Settings, even… (Show more)
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I have paid all bill for the device and unlocked it 2 years ago. but My Samsung s6 was locked again on Jan 2019, From that day onwards im trying to fix this, i called customer care, i tried Tmobile… (Show more)
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I have one contact that will not give the option to send a SCHEDULED TEXT.  As a matter of fact this one contact also does not give the option to ADD SUBJECT.  All other contacts give the option to… (Show more)
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My "Check USB Port" notification has been on for 5 days now and won't go away. The phone is definitely completely dry and I have tried turning it off an on again multiple times. In fact, I have to… (Show more)
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My galaxy s9 doesnt show the "schedule text message" option. Is there a way to add this feature?
in Android products
Hello,       I recently updated my note8 and now my previous group text messages are split. This is only happening with one person's response in the group. That message would come back to my phone… (Show more)
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Hi. My settings are empty. This iPhone was originally from ATT. Now the mms is not working. Please Help. also no visual voicemail and no hotspot  Please help.   Message was edited by: mark scott
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