Hi, I'm currently down in México (Tijuana) and data is not working; I can make and receive calls and also send and receive messages but don't have any internet access. The carrier shown is Movistar… (Show more)
in Network & coverage
I keep getting random group messages and all the messages say "Stop." I have checked my call/text logs and have not seen anything outgoing to these groups. However, this is getting frustrating… (Show more)
in Network & coverage
Tried to secure my galaxy s9, didn't know sim pin, now locked out.  Please help!!!!!
in Magenta Lounge
How can I access my text message logs for specific dates from specific phone numbers.
in Account & services
Hello. Disgruntled customer here...   Since the website redesign I can no longer download my bill.  When I click the (erroneously labeled) download button, it opens a new tab with some stupid… (Show more)
in Account & services
Please tell me how many times I should call to T-Mobile customers care? For two months I try to add the second line for my account, but every time when I come to T-Mobile store or I call T-Mobile… (Show more)
in Account & services
Hi,   I had a question that I feel like I couldn't find an answer for. Basically I have an iPhone 7 (Verizon Work) and a personal phone with TMo. I am wanted to know if anyone has any experience… (Show more)
in Apple products
My service plan has 4 lines - 3 voice and 1 hotspot. The voice lines are newer Motorola android phones and the tablet hotspot is a 2017 iPad Pro. All 4 are in different locations showing "good" or… (Show more)
in Network & coverage
I have paid all bill for the device and unlocked it 2 years ago. but My Samsung s6 was locked again on Jan 2019, From that day onwards im trying to fix this, i called customer care, i tried Tmobile… (Show more)
in Account & services
Hi TMobile family! I am praying that someone can get me out of this jam... So, all of a sudden, my Samsung Galaxy Note 5 phone will not power on at all. My question is:  Is there any possible way to… (Show more)
in Account & services
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