I am in the mountains of WNC. There are many weak areas and I wonder if there is a device I can put in my car to boost signal when I am driving. any ideas?
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I have an older One Plus One phone. I have started to have consistent dropped calls and network issues. Issues like People call and the phone does not ring, it goes to voicemail Dropped calls to… (Show more)
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My wife and I just switched to T-Mobile, and we are having trouble with dropped calls (both using Samsung Galaxy S10e). Whenever I make a call it eventually "drops" in the sense that the person on… (Show more)
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I'm using an unlocked Samung Galaxy s8 active (previously ATT) and recently joined a Tmobile family plan. Every other phone on the plan is getting over 20mbps download, but mine has been… (Show more)
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I see there is Fast Wired Charging option in battery advanced but I do not see fast wireless charging option and when I place the phone on a fast wireless charger I do not see a prompt or indication… (Show more)
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I ordered a signal booster from T-Mobile due to poor signal in my Manhattan apartment. They sent a unit and I had no trouble setting it up. Everything seemed to be working fine, but there was no… (Show more)
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Facing weak signals inside home, no problem when I go outside the building.Getting 1 bar most of the time.will signal booster help?.If so what is the process to get, is it a free of cost or charge?
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