I have one Galaxy S9 Plus one week ago. When I connect it to wifi then mobile network state disconnect. If I disconnect it to wifi then mobile network state connect. How to dissovel this problem?
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How do I activate a new unlocked smartphone for T-Mobile service if I buy it online? (not at T-Mobile site, but it is compatible for T-Mobile service) Thank you for your help!   lakearnp
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T-mobile should be embarrassed at the slow, conveluded, and fragmented support they have given this. When are they going to give this some real attention?
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I'd like to delete my t-mobile support community account.
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I need help trying to unlock a iPhone that I recently bought from someone when I put my sim card in it said Activation Lock is there a way I can get a request unlock and have it so I can start using… (Show more)
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In the past week I have owned a V30. I read that it has a better antenna than the Stylo 3 Plus. I do get 4G LTE sometimes. I am inside my house, but even the 3 Plus still received at least 2 bars. My… (Show more)
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I had purchased Samsung S8 from T-Mobile. After paying off the amount device was unlocked and have been using with other carrier from last few months. I had to send the device back to Samsung to get… (Show more)
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There is a promotion on the website that says new line with port in required. At the store, however, it is more specific and says the port in must be from a postpaid plan. I have Ooma, and want to… (Show more)
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I am heading over to New York for 3 months and would like to purchase the T-mobile One Domestic Only prepaid plan for 50 Dollars a month. I have 2 main questions:   1. What is the key difference… (Show more)
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Can you please advise if the below phone supports/works in USA Honor 8X Network Type GSM SIM Card Type Nano SIM SIM 1 Details Nano SIM SIM 2 Details Nano SIM Hybrid SIM (microSD + SIM) Yes… (Show more)
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All in all, happy with Coolpad Snap, but of course, there are issues (mine, Coolpad's, & T-Mobile's, right?)  ;-)   Not sure whose issue this is: Browser stopped working on day 3. Starts up briefly… (Show more)
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