I purchased an iphone 8+ for my granddaughter. She is in Kansas, I am in California. The account is in my name. I pay the bill. She is replacing a 6+. When she attempts to set up/activate the 8+ she… (Show more)
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Here's a bunch of dumb questions.  Are One Plus and Magenta Plus the same plan but rebranded under a new name or are there specific features to be implemented or discontinued in Magenta Plus? If they… (Show more)
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I want to change my due date 6 days later the the current posted date. I am on the prepaid plan.
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Hi, all. I just got a Coolpad Snap flip phone. I set a PIN for unlocking the screen after it goes to sleep. Is it possible to lock the screen without waiting for it to go to sleep? I can manually… (Show more)
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Hi, everyone. I have T-Mobile's prepaid Pay As You Go - Legacy plan. I pay just $10 plus fees and sales tax once a year to keep my account active. I don't use this line much so I never have to… (Show more)
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I recently switched to T Mobile and owed my previous company about $500 for three lines.  I purchased two new phones on installment basis from TMobile as a buy one get one promo.  The third line we… (Show more)
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The official Pie version for the V30 is out now, and will the Tmobile team will provide the Pie update for the LG V30 or not?
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I saw this in my account, not sure what it means? And what about hackers from stealing your phone number is their anyway to prevent this?
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My wife and I are traveling to multiple countries for the entire month of August. I have been trying to get information on Temporary Unlocking our Samsung Galaxy Note 9's. Most information I have… (Show more)
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Just switched from AT&T and my data speeds are significantly lower in my house and my home area with T-Mobile.  With AT&TI was averaging around 50 download speeds. With T-Mobile less than 10.   Same… (Show more)
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I Am Trying to figure out if I can Have my own line due to my very high bill on my parents Account.
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