is there something going on with T-Mobile towers in downtown Pittsburgh today? Waiting for my bus on Liberty and 6th (I can even see the T-Mobile store a block away). I can’t get iTunes or I Heart… (Show more)
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I no longer can view my home cameras from my iphone when on cellular. It works fine on wifi but will not work on T-Mobile cellular service.  To make this worse is I have a iPad with AT&T and that… (Show more)
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I’m getting sick of there coverage in my area, I checked the coverage on the coverage map and it says that it’s high speed LTE data in my area and that’s a lie, sometimes I have no service at all,… (Show more)
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I have been with T-Mobile since summer 2005 Phone: Nokia 3320 Plan: Get More 600 Number of lines: 1   Now Phone: Samsung Note 8 Plan: SCM Family Match promo 14GB hotspot Number of lines: 16
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As stated in this URL: 4G LTE CellSpot All usage over the 4G LTE CellSpot will be billed to your T-Mobile account just like usage over the T-Mobile’s network?   I occasionally turn off WIFI on my… (Show more)
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In the past week I have owned a V30. I read that it has a better antenna than the Stylo 3 Plus. I do get 4G LTE sometimes. I am inside my house, but even the 3 Plus still received at least 2 bars. My… (Show more)
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Hello,   I have a grandfathered Simple Choice plan. It is good. 4 lines $100 @ 4GB each 2 extra $10/each @ 4 GB 1 line has extra GBs @ $15/mo   $135 and $10+ in fees and tax.   I pay about… (Show more)
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South FL is one of America's largest metropolitan areas.  Yet the mobile signal with Tmobile sucks in Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale and Miami.  I know this because I go to events in all 3 places all… (Show more)
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I have 1) an Alcatel Go Flip phone that is locked onto the T-Mobile network, and 2) a legacy T-Mobile "Pay As You Go" plan (in which I pay only for the minutes I use).     The following scenario has… (Show more)
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I am eligible for a permanent device unlock on my Samsung J3. But your Unlock App just keeps saying "Unlock Failed"   According to your website if the unlock app doesn't work, all I need to do is… (Show more)
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