I signed up for a t-mobile prepaid account about a month ago and each time I try to open the T-Mobile App I get the message "Sorry we're not ready for you yet. We're working on improving your app… (Show more)
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I was wondering. What should I expect when 600mhz does come to my area? I mean will I get better signal? Will data speeds increase? I dont think my area will get the 5G. But I know 600mhz is coming… (Show more)
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    Every time my computer reboots- and many times even when it doesn't- I open my T-Mobile Digits software and it forces me to not only login with my email address / password, and then to enter the… (Show more)
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I am trying to refill my account with 10usd. I am currently on the pay as you go $3 per month. Next to the 10usd it says 90days availability. What does it mean?   Costas
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The official Pie version for the V30 is out now, and will the Tmobile team will provide the Pie update for the LG V30 or not?
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Hi, everyone. I have T-Mobile's prepaid Pay As You Go - Legacy plan. I pay just $10 plus fees and sales tax once a year to keep my account active. I don't use this line much so I never have to… (Show more)
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my tmobile app isnt working. what do i do to make it work?
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A couple of hours ago I talked to a tech regarding my coverage problem. It IS a problem! I explained to the tech the 2G to 4G LTE signal that bounces back and forth. The tech told me the area needs… (Show more)
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