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    Unable to connect to the T-mobile network using a GSM unlocked Motorola Charm

      Please help.

      I bought a GSM unlocked phone to be used on the T-mobile network and when I turn the phone on with my SIM card in it, I am unable to locate any networks. I know my SIM card works because it works fine in other phones. Just to be save I went into the T-mobile store and they gave me a new SIM card that works fine in other phones (just not this GSM unlocked phone). I know the phone is unlocked because it is not asking me for any codes. It just can't locate the T-mobile network. So, I thought the problem was with the phone so I went back to the retailer and exchanged it for a new one and it still has the same issue. I really like the Motorola Charm and I would like to get this phone to work on the T-mobile network. When I go to the settings and try to search for networks I get an error searching for networks... "Your SIM card does not allow a connection to this network".

      How can I get this phone to connect to the T-mobile network?