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    Samsung Galaxy S2 - IMEI Blocked

      I purchased a Samsung Galaxy S2 from someone on Ebay. I put my SIM in and it kept giving me a "your sim card does not allow a connection to this network" error every time I tried to connect to the network.

      After being on the phone troubleshooting for 2 hours, Tmobile's "second level support" told me that the IMEI is blacklisted/blocked and only the original owner can call and release it (the guy who I bought the phone off of is uncooperative).


      The phone rep was apologetic, but said the block cannot come off. Why? Why should I be out $500 because you have fraud/payment issues with someone else? Why can't you just hire collection agencies for that? So now I'm really just stuck with a $500 media player.

      Some great Christmas for me, Tmobile.


      That's OK. I have 4 lines that are all coming up for contract renewal next month. Guess who's NOT gonna have those lines after next month?

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          While I am sorry to hear that you might have had an interaction with a dishonest seller on eBay, if a phone has been reported as stolen or has an IMEI block, we would want to contact the original owner of the phone.


          We would hate to lose you as a customer because of a dishonest seller unaffiliated with T-Mobile, have you tried to file a claim against the seller with eBay?


          Please try  http://pages.ebay.com/help/policies/buyer-protection.html 

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            If you paid through paypal you should be able to

            get your money back. You just need to file a claim

            with paypal and it will take about 30-60 days to get your money


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              I've tried contacting both ebay and paypal but have gotten nowhere with them. They can't seem to get past the point that I've received my item in good shape with no damage. The seller has a tracking number and it shows it was delivered to me. So to them, it was a successful transaction, and now it's only a "good faith dispute" and I can only leave a bad feedback. They will only pursue it if the item described was completely different from what was received (From Ebay Rules: "You received an item that was different from the one described in the listing (for example, you purchased a book, but received a hat").


              I understand that whoever it is is unaffiliated with Tmobile. But their unresolved issue shouldn't be carried over to me. Blocking the IMEI on me isn't solving whatever issue you have with another customer. If I really want to be dishonest myself, I could turn around and sell this phone to another unsuspecting buyer on Craigslist or Ebay, and recoup my money. Then it'll just be a cycle of angry people playing hot potato with this $500 blocked phone.


              But no, I would never bring grief to someone someone else like that...


              If it's truly stolen, I would bring it back to my local store as long as I was assured it was given back to the original owner. However, the first phone rep told me it was because of EIP payment issues and only the original owner can call and settle this matter, the second rep just stated "fraud" as a reason. So I don't really know if the intentions are to just recoup money from the original owner, or if it's actually someone else's phone and Tmobile is nice enough to find it for them.

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                Tell them the phone can't be activated on Tmobile which

                I'm sure is in the description so the phone is not as advertised.


                You were offered a working phone and you did not receive a working phone.


                I had the same problem with a phone I bought on eBay and was refunded my full

                amount but it was only $100 not $500.



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                  They, can't/ won't do anything about it , without a court order or contact from law enforcement.

                  If you received a stolen item , then you need to file a SNAD (significantly not as described) dispute .

                  Read here

                  Ebay's Buyer Protection


                  You will be required, to document/prove the item is stolen . Just your saying so , does not make it so for a dispute/claim.

                  When you purchased this item on Ebay, you had 45 days from the date of payment to file.

                  What is the auction number?

                  If the payment was made ,longer than 45 days ago, you may already be beyond the filing deadline with Ebay or Paypal.


                  So file a police report and have the law contact Ebay.  T-mobile can't do anything about you purchasing a phone from a third party that was stolen.  If the did let it through then you'd have every single person who stole a phone saying they bought it and needed it unblocked.

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                    I'm not sure why not as described would require law enforcement.

                    But if was for non payment they are (T-Mobile) blocking that phone from use since they didn't get their money for the phone.

                    This is meant to punish people who open accounts to get a phone on discount then not pay anything. Unfortunately T-Mobile can't repossess a phone. Therefore T-Mobile is out half the cost of the phone.

                    You had the unfortunate experience of being the recipient of stollen goods.

                    This is the stand off.

                    Only way is to have other person pay off they balance. The person there for sold you bad goods on Ebay and I am sure that was not disclosed and should be a buy back by them.

                    Only other thing I could recommend would be to request a supervisor to see if they will over ride. Or maybe t force can chime in here.

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                      theartiszan wrote:


                      Only other thing I could recommend would be to request a supervisor to see if they will over ride.

                      A supervisor can't do anything in this regard.  It's an offline team that works with Assurion(insurance company) to block IMEIs of lost/stolen phones.  There isn't really anything T-mobile can do in this circumstance.  It was a purchase of a phone from an unauthorized source, which also means T-mobile wouldn't even cover the warranty.  That also shows up in the system.  It's a civil matter between two private parties and Ebay.

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                          Agreed really need to take it up with the person that sold it to you.

                          Almost like buying a stolen car. While you may have a legitimate purchase you can't register and drive it on the road.

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                            I'm having the same issue too. I bought my Galaxy SII on ebay after a week of it being released. I was able to use it until the 29th of December and then I wasn't getting service on the phone anymore. The sad thing is that this phone is my only means of communication and being in the military I'm required to have my phone on me. I too tried talked to many T-mobile reps trying to figure out this dispute. I'm out $500 dollars too and the worst thing about this situation was that when I was talking to the retention department I was told ebay and craigslist can help me get a phone cheaper. Even the represenative that I talked too about getting the IMEI unblocked told me she also buys her phones off of ebay.


                            The only issue I have is that not many people know about this issue when buying phones off of ebay. I wish the retention departement would have said something about this possibly being an issue instead of recommending me to buy a phone off of ebay. I've seen many issues with Sprint and AT&T's customer service but never with T-mobile. This is a first and I am hoping we (if not with the seller then with T-mobile) can get this resolved.

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                              T-mobile starting blocking IMEIs recently, from the info I have.  It's a way to thwart people stealing phones and reselling/using them.  It's buyer beware with buying a used phone.  I wouldn't do it unless it's on Craigslist and the phone number they give you to reach is not a burner phone number.  At least then you have a person that the authorities can contact if they are dealing with stolen merchandise.

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                                tmobiles not responsible for the phone being bought. all you have to do is pay for some software to get it unblocked have done it before. put a link in previous post took 5 minutes and phone was ready to go.ther tons of sites . that will do it

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                                  jacynh wrote:


                                  put a link in previous post took 5 minutes and phone was ready to go.ther tons of sites . that will do it

                                  I checked on that link and all that is for is doing a SIM card unlock to be able to use the phones with other SIM card carriers. I couldn't find a single thread on how to change the IMEI on an Android phone but I did read multiple threads to where it's illegal to do.  It's like changing out the VIN numbers on a stolen car, so that way you can drive the stolen vehicle.

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                                    Yeah, wouldn't want to get caught up in legal issues. Though, it would be nice if Tmobile would offer an alternative for the fraud victims: e.g. allowing us to pay what is owed. That would be cool

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