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    Phone not receiveing any signal

      About two days ago my t-mobile tap stopped receiving signal. I can not send or recieve anything. My account is active and paid. And my friend who is also using t-mobile has full bars while my phone has none. I have looked up trouble shooting on the website and I have taken out the battery and sim card, I have gone to network settings and switched it to GSM or whatever and selected a wireless network to connect to. However when I try to connet through this way it states that the phone is unable to register. It does state however emergency call on the phone making me think that I can place a call to 911 though I do not want to test that.

           This is the third phone for me on this particular brand. I am frustrated and just want my phone to work. I do not know if the phone is broken or if the company is blocking me. I do not a have a clue. If anyone could help me understand what is going on so I can fix it or just get a new phone I would appericate it.

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          Your sim card could be exhausted, which is why you are getting registration errors.  Aside from that it could very well be the device that is causing your issues with reception.  Best option, test your sim card in another tmobile phone, if the signal is still not working, replace the sim card.  T-Mobile stores will replace the sim card free of charge for troubleshooting.  If the issue doesn't follow the sim, the issue is the phone.

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            I am having the same problem! It just out of nowhere happened yesterday morning, I put my SIM card in a different phone and it didnt work but I dont know if that was because of the type of phone is was! GRR let me know if you went to tmobile and what they said the problem was.

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              I'm sorry to hear of this sudden and frustrating problem. A working SIM card should work in any T-Mobile phone with power.  Larenas, if your SIM card fails in multiple phones, private message me with your account info and I will make sure that we resolve the issue and/or your account instructs your local T-Mobile store to test/replace/activate free of charge. 


              I hope this info helps.