Moto G7 Power Sound/Notification Issue


    Ello folks,


    Recently I purchased the phone noted in the title.

    Anyway I noticed every single sound plays from only the ear piece. Is this the norm for those who own the Moto G7 Power

    If I'm wrong and there is a working external speaker, that is not the ear piece; please explain where and/or to fix this. T-Moble

    tech support told me that in fact there IS a speaker and it's supposed to work not just in the ear piece then I'm told to go to the local

    T-mobile store and get a new phone and that the phone is defective. While speaking at the T-Mobile store not only does the guy there tell

    me that this is normal he also was able to create the same sound issue with the display model as well.

    Thank You In advance for any help or advice. Please read the FYI's before responding.


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