How to enable short codes - not getting certain text messages


    I am not getting text messages from Chipotle anymore. I was getting them back in September but now they stopped. I contacted Chipotle and they said everything is good on their end - to have my provider enable the short codes. So, how do I enable the short codes?

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      • tmo_marissa

        Hey justgreene!  We wouldn't want you to miss out on Chipotle messages - burrito deals are the stuff of dreams.  Did anything happen in September that could have caused the messages to stop - like a change in your account type, for example?


        - Marissa

          • justgreene

            thank you for responding. No, nothing changed in my account. I stopped getting the texts when I transferred my number/joined with T-Mobile. I get sorry codes from others but not chipotle.



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              • tmo_marissa

                Gotcha - it's a good sign that you're still getting them from other services and not just T-Mobile!  Some account types - like no credit check or prepaid accounts - don't have short codes enabled, so I wanted to check.  It looks like in your case we simply need to make sure everything's properly provisioned on the back end.  Please Contact Us when you have a moment so that we can take a look and get you back on burrito-track.


                - Marissa

                • malcontent

                  Me too.  I stopped getting short codes from just my bank.

                  Have cycled my phone with tmo support.  no luck.  These so called experts are anything but.  My account is 7 days old and I have already called 20 times trying to get sorted out.  Very disappointed.  Changed the short code delivery on my bank's side to send to my son's phone.  works perfectly.  Change it back to deliver to my phone and I get bupkis from them.  I am receiving shortcodes from Amazon and tmo but not my bank.  However the test with my son's phone verified that the bank is working.  People telling me they are going to help me is different from actually fixing a problem.  I don't appreciate the platitudes when the problem remains unresolved.

              • gerry.s

                Marissa is correct. Simply dial 611 and ask for technical support. Customer service will only tell you that short codes are not blocked, and only tech support will be able to help you.


                For some reason, T-Mobile has taken it upon themselves to disable short codes for all customers, regardless of your plan type.

                I would hope that in the future, they would incorporate a way working with iPhone O/S providers, e.g. apple, google, etc. to allow users to enable/disable this feature themselves.


                I could understand doing it for pay as you go customers, but not for other plans that don't charge for text messaging. If you get an unwanted advert, you simply reply with STOP and by law they must desist.


                I used to work as an engineer and a CIO and we developed many applications that depended on short codes for the application to work on any iPhone. We never had this issue with T-Mobile before, but I quit consulting about a year ago, so they must've changed it ??? ...

                • iPhone 7 + on ONE unlimited non plus version. Short codes working fine.