How to sign up using a business name?


    Let me be clear... I will never use this phone. My "business" is that I am a self-publisher (my own work only) and only need a phone number to assoc with my DBA for paperwork, but no one will ever call me and I will not call out on this phone. I do all business over email from my laptop. I won't even have the phone turned on.


    That said, I don't want to use my personal phone as the DBA phone. So am only getting the $3/mo plan for the 'biz' phone.


    My question is, when I sign up, I want the registered name on the phone to be my DBA name, even though I will personally be paying for the pre-paid plan with a personal Credit Card. But I don't want someone to do a reverse lookup online and get my personal name... it has to be the DBA name (otherwise it's pointless to have a sep phone). Or when they call the number, I want the DBA name to show on their phone. (And yes, my DBA is filed, official and legal.)


    So when signing up do I have to do anything special? B/c it looks like T-Mobile automatically makes whoever pays for the plan the 'owner' and uses that name without allowing you to choose another.




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