FYI for anyone shipping a return/ exchange via USPS and not w/ UPS label provided


    To keep it short I recently had to send back a Jump upgrade device for an exchange and wanted to get it to the return center faster since UPS ground is so slow. So I paid for a USPS Priority mail label using the exact same address:


    13704 Independence Parkway

    Fort Worth, Texas 76177


    I followed the tracking and on the delivery day the tracking page said "Alert Unable to deliver item, problem with address". So I called the Texas post office and they told me and I quote "That is not a valid delivery address for the USPS, they have no delivery receptacle". And they are now shipping my return back and Ill be reshipping it with the original UPS label. So Im assuming that UPS can get in there and that address is not one that the post office can get to. So for anyone thinking the same thing I decided I should post this so you dont have the same issue. The device I wanted to exchange for had just gone on sale so my thinking was if I get the return back faster I can hopefully get the new device while its on sale.  Hope this helps someone learn from my impatience and avoid a similar issue.