Why password has to be exactly 8 characters long?


    Well some technical genius at T-Mobile has now decide that your login password for the website portal must be EXACTLY 8 characters long!


    Seems to me that is less secure because now a hacker can only needs to check all combinations of passwords that are 8 characters long.


    I can see setting a MINIMUM number of characters (6, 7, 8?) but why cant my password be longer than 8, which would greatly increase the chance of getting hacked.

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Is this when you're logging into your support account here or your MyT-Mobile.com account? Also, is the site should mention if the password meets the criteria. Are you seeing this requirement in an error message?

        • jshrek

          Re: Why password has to be exactly 8 characters long?

          When I login to T-Mobile account.



          Yes when I try to create a password that is longer than 8 characters it tells me that is a problem.


          My point is that this a STUPID requirement ... I should be able to create a password that is longer than 8 characters. I have never seen another site that requires a password of exactly 8 characters long.

            • tmo_mike_c

              Hmm, see that's really strange. The criteria I'm seeing is 8-50 characters. As long as it meets the requirements, you should be able to use more. Most of the time it's an uppercase letter, lower case letter or a number or special character that's needed as well. If it's still not allowing you to enter a longer password, we'll need to have our Team of Experts file a Service Desk Ticket for you. That'll gave our web team check into this further and fix it for you.

                • jshrek

                  Login to my tmobile and go to My Profile then Edit Password (note it redirects me to https://prepaid.t-mobile.com/ )


                  Enter your current password and then a new password (in both fields) that is more than 8 characters long, but also contains a number, a lowercase letter, a uppercase letter and a special character.


                  You get the following error:
                  New password doesn't meet security requirement


                  If you read the security requirements it says:
                  "Password must be eight characters long and contain at least one lowercase letter, one uppercase letter, one number, and one special character."


                  So it can not be longer or shorter than 8 characters, but must be exactly 8 characters.



                  I stand corrected ...

                  the issue is not 8 characters ...

                  the issue is that I was using = as my special character but it does not recognize = as a special character.


                  I think that is still an issue that should be dealt with ... why is = not a special character?