Apple iPhone Upgrade Program and Business Accounts


    I've been looking to getting an iPhone XS from apple themselves but every time I come into putting my number and pin it tells me my t-mobile account isn't supported. I have learned this is due to possibly me having a business account. Though I don't see why they would leave out business accounts as I have read other carriers allow their business accounts to join the program. Why is T-Mobile restricting business accounts like this? I have read other discussion posts in regarding this issue and all t-mobile personal reply with almost the same reply "we're working on this, fast , we're looking in to this" these go all the way to August.. We're now in November why haven't they made any progress? I just find this frustrating as I do NOT want to pay almost 400-500$ in downpayment for the new iPhone, they should really look into fixing this problem of restricting business accounts. Or one thing they could do is give the person who's looking into getting the iPhone permission to do so, not just decline everyone. Thank you...

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      • tmo_amanda

        It sounds like upgrading through Apple is the better route for you to take considering the down payment options. From looking at our internal information, we don't have any updates on when this option will be available. I know that this will not only benefit you, but many other users as well and I'm truly sorry for the lack of info at this point.