Charged for new phone twice after Fraud detection stopped the transaction


    I tried to purchase a new Galaxy Note 9 at the local T-Mobile store. I did not have an account yet and wanted to purchase the new phone and start a pre-paid account right away. All of the information was entered in the hand held computer by the T-Mobile associate and then my card was swiped resulting in a "T-Mobile Fraud Alert" coming up on the screen. The associate called the T-mobile number provided on the screen and the T-mobile fraud department said the transaction could not occur. The problem is the charge on my card for 965.10 was still processed/charged to my credit card. The associate said they were having "computer problems and that I could try at another time". I went back the next day and tried again only to get the same T-Mobile Fraud alert that blocked the purchase. The charge, however, went thru AGAIN. I was told the charges would be credited back to my account. Here I am 10 days later and the charges are still there (over $1900). I called T-Mobile customer service and they asked me for a receipt number which I DIDN'T get because the phone purchase never occurred. Why would T-Mobile use a "Fraud Alert" and then still charge the card for both attempts. I am not in the process of trying to get the charges dropped/credited and it has been a nightmare. Do you CARE about your customers T-Mobile??? So far, I think not!

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