Tmobile One hotspot terrible


    I purchase 3 lines, and 2 new devices. And a sim for a tablet with 2 gig's of data.


    On all 3 of the One unlimited lines I get .5 Mbps or less on hotspot. On the tablet I was able to get 30 Mpbs until I ran out of the 2 gigs. I call support last night and she said that its a power issue in the area. I don't understand how my limited device gets 30 Mpbs down until data is gone and then I get .5 to .06 mbps if I use another phone or even if I put a different sim in tablet.


    Are my One devices all throttled to .5 mbps?

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      • tmo_chris

        Re: Tmobile One hotspot terrible

        Hey tylercaiden


        So the T-Mobile One plan comes with unlimited mobile hotspot but the speeds are limited to 512 kbps or 0.5Mbps. If you add the T-Mobile One Plus feature to your account for $15 per line you want it on, you will get 20GB of 4G LTE Mobile hotspot usage and 512 kbps after the 20 GB is used.