Problems switching from pre-paid to post-paid


    So earlier today I went to the store to have my account switched from prepaid to post-paid. It was a pretty quick process. He told me it'd take two hours and I'd get a text about it. Two hours pass, no text. So I contact T-Force. They tell me my account is in the activating state and it'll take a day.

    Later on, I get a welcome to T-Mobile text, and a bunch of other stuff too. So I attempt to log into my T-Mobile account but I can't. Tells me I need to register for a new ID. So I try that, but I can't because it tells me my email has already been registered. So I use a different email, and I get in. It prompts me to set the primary account holder (me). I enter my info 3 times and it tells me it's wrong.

    I give up and take a look around my new T-Mobile page. I can't really do anything because there's no PAH set. Then I go into my account info and it tells me my next bill is in 11 days, I'm past due and I owe $188. lol wtf?

    Now my phone's service went out and and it tells me my "iPhone is not activated" with an option to try again or ignore. I tried again twice but to no avail. I obviously can't call customer service.

    I messaged T-Force again, they got back to me but they're being pretty slow about it (no disrespect, I'm just sort of freaking out). It's been half an hour since I've heard from them and I'm still without any service.


    Anything else I can do?

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