BUG: Must sign in every time - Windows 10



    "Sign In" screen is show every time DIGITS app is started


    "Keep me logged in" is a check box on the second screen AFTER "Sign In" screen.


    Please have devs fix the signin to be remembered. And, I'd put "keep me logged in" on the same screen as the sign in. Doesn't make sense after already signing in, because it's referring to an old screen that isn't shown.

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      • tidbits

        Re: BUG: Must sign in every time - Windows 10

        I believe it is setup correctly this way.  During to session it will not time out.  I think they could explain it better or possibly use something else.


        Personally I am glad it's done this way because I don't password lock my computer

        • tmo_marissa

          Re: BUG: Must sign in every time - Windows 10

          Thanks for the ideas here, y'all! We'll get them passed along.


          - Marissa

          • eturk

            Re: BUG: Must sign in every time - Windows 10

            Reality check:

            I just had to update to the new Android DIGITS app which also has two-factor authentication:

            It does NOT require the two-factor any time after the first sign in.

            It does NOT require two-factor after rebooting the phone. It doesn't require it if there is no lock code on the phone.


            STOP making up excuses for requiring two factor every time the Windows 10 app is first launched. It's a BUG. It is INCONSISTENT with other existing apps.


            Please just tell T-Mobile developers to make the experience consistent across platforms instead of the teams making up their own security logic depending on what platform they're writing on.

            • eturk

              Re: BUG: Must sign in every time - Windows 10

              THANK YOU T-MOBILE & STAFF for fixing this bug!! woo hoo!!


              Today, Oct 3, 2018, I opened up the Windows 10 app and it shows "sign in" then "register". No more asking of passwords (even though "keep me logged in" was checked", bug #1) and this bug #2 is fixed, no longer asking for two-step verification!


              THANKS AGAIN for fixing these two bugs!!!!



              For future reference: Requiring two-step every time is a DISASTER because a key reason I may need to use DIGITS is that I don't have access to my phone at the moment. (i.e. left with a friend, out in the car or office, etc.) and two-step would lock me out from this backup usage... which would be a key reason for DIGITS.