Stores not transferring content


    I am more than capable of transferring my own content between devices. I also like the security that someone else is not looking at my content and transferring it for me. However, what sparked the move to stop doing transfers in-store? Is this just a speed thing to take care of each person coming in? Or is this a security things? Is there a court case about someone getting their information taken? I'm scouring the internet and I cannot see a reason why they won't transfer content in-store.


    There's no personal experience associated with this. I overheard this, so correct me if I'm wrong too. And if it's "just policy", I'm not looking for that. I'm looking for what sparked that policy.

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      • tmo_chris

        Re: Stores not transferring content

        I am pretty sure they will still hep you transfer your content to a new device. I actually went into a T-Mobile store on Saturday myself to buy a new phone and the sales rep there offered to transfer everything for me. I let her know she did not have to as I knew how to do it.


        Where did you hear this?