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    We just upgraded from a 10GB plan to the unlimited data plan (I believe its called T-mobile essentials) and noticed that the mobile hotspot is less than half of the speed that it used to be. I haven't used over 50GB, so the speeds should be normal. I tried restarting my phone (an LG G4) and changing the broadcast channel of the hotspot, but the speed remains around 0.6Mbps at best for uploads and downloads. At this speed, downloading files is excruciatingly slow, and streaming video is impossible.

    Does anyone have any suggestions to improve the situation? I used to rely on the hotspot for a lot of my online work.

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      • firecrackle

        Re: Slow Hotspot Speed

        Update: If you are relying on hotspots for internet connection- don't update to the unlimited plan!


        I talked to support yesterday, and they weren't helpful in resolving the issue. My hotspot speed is currently 0.3 Mbps for downloads and 0.5 for uploads- way below their advertised "3G speeds." Usually, average 3G speeds are 5-12 Mbps for downloads and 2-5 for uploads. T-mobile's hotspots are useless for getting any real work done; I'd honestly go with another company with less crowded networks for hotspots and/or wifi.

          • magenta6170946

            Re: Slow Hotspot Speed

            Which company do you suggest?

              • firecrackle

                Re: Slow Hotspot Speed

                Xfinity has a pretty cheap internet plan; they also offer hot spots for your device when you are away from home. I'm actually using one right now- the speed is 7.9 Mbps for download and 4.4 for upload (equivalent to 3G speeds). Hot spots aren't offered everywhere, but they are almost always around the places I have been. I travel around a lot, and the hot spots have made it very convenient.

                I'm not trying to bash T-Mobile by the way. I'm just pointing out that their hotspots don't work as advertised. I would have loved to use their hotspots on the go, but that isn't possible right now (at least for me). 

            • barcodeable

              Re: Slow Hotspot Speed

              In this scenario, you basically downgraded your plan from a Mustang to a mule and then complain about speed .

              I’m not judging you, im just trying to clarify that the Essential Plan was not the best choice for your intended uses.


              You could of opted for the T-mobile One Plus.... i think now by upgrading to get 20GB of 4G LTE Hotspot and then 3G thereafter.

              I seriously doubt you are capable of upgrading the Essential Plan hotspot.... it’s not eligible. People should ask before upgrading, honest and non biased advice can be found from your fellow forum friends.


              I would urge you to seek the T-mobile One Plus.... you may be more satisfied with your plan than what you have now.

              There was a Tmobile One Plus International Plan you would of enjoyed.... that plan had unlimited 4G Hotspot, but that plan has been discontinued.


              Im unsure who the Essential plan is best suited for, but after reading your post... you should give that plan back and try something new.

                • firecrackle

                  Re: Slow Hotspot Speed

                  I would argue that going from a 10GB plan to an unlimited data plan should be an upgrade, but in reality that is not the case. I was aware that when switching to the Essentials plan, the speed of the hotspot would drop, but since I needed more data (which is why I didn't really consider T-mobile One Plus- thanks for the suggestion though!), I was willing to cope with lower speeds. What isn't stated is that T-mobile's "3G" hotspot is 91% slower than average 3G speeds (taking 3.5 Mbps as average.. my math might be off); it is actually on par with 2G speeds. From a little online research, T-mobile seems to have taken the approach of pushing for more hotspot availability at the cost of speed, while other companies focus on download speed first, then availability second. This approach is fine, but if you can't really create 3G speeds, it shouldn't be advertised as such.


                  I have sort of solved my issue by using my internet provider's hotspots (as stated above), but I was just expecting more out of T-mobile's hotspots (if I had even 2 Mbps for download, I wouldn't complain). Perhaps I'm an anomaly? Do other people get good speeds from the mobile hotspots? I know that slowdown can also be related to old phones and sim cards, and my LG G4 is pretty old- hopefully I can upgrade it soon and post again if speeds change.

                • barcodeable

                  Re: Slow Hotspot Speed

                  I have been doing some test... you may be on to something. I am supposed to have 7GB of 4G LTE Hotspot.... and i have the simple choice unlimited plan.... i hardly use my hotspot... but decided to use it for testing purposes. I think my hotspot is slow, maybe slower than yours.... and i am not on the Essential Plan.


                                                               DOWNLOAD.    UPLOAD


                  phone speed                               5.92             1.04

                  hotspot speed.                            2.21              0.85

                  Mobile Internet ($25) 6GB           7.07              2.72


                  i will do another test.... when i am in a better area that give me  4 bars.... the test i did i had only 3 bars. i also have a Mobile internet 6GB Plan.... and the speed for that was included above... my Mobile internet line is the fastest (im surprised).

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                    • landonloco

                      Re: Slow Hotspot Speed

                      Usually t mobile slow down the hotspot if there is network congestion regardless of how many gigs of high speed hotspot you have left thus why I use foxfi and technically get unlimited high speed hotspot

                    • vitaliilunko

                      Re: Slow Hotspot Speed

                      I just bought the unlimited data and calls for $55

                      and the internet speed on the phone is awesome in the NY, but when I use the phone like a hotspot for my Mac, it is the most horrible speed I have ever had, I even could not upload the website form a I chance. This is looks like edge speed. Please help me to resolve this issue. When I use another cellular the speed is much better.