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    We went to T-mobile store to fix my daughter's I phone 6 screen. We have been with T-mobile since 2015. The sales person talked to us about the  promotion that was going on of I phone 8, buy one get one free. To qualify I had to put the monthly bill on auto pay and add a new line. My daughter was very excited, we did our calculation and found it was not bad for us. We got everything done and got our phones, my younger daughter was very excited to get a line. After a month I got the bill where I had been charged for the 2 handsets, I called T-mobile customer service, the records were not showing the deal, I was advised to go back to the store and sort it with them. I went back to the store and met with the same sales person, he made a few calls and said we were still qualified for the deal and I will be receiving the rebate card in 2 weeks. He even promised to refund the charge on the bill for the free handset later with his managers approval which he never did.  I got another bill and went back to the store where I found a different sales person, the sales person told me I couldn't have qualified for the deal because I didn't transfer a line from a different carrier, I was never told about this. So now I have to pay for a 700 dollar handset that I didn't need. I feel lied to and taken advantage. Its very sad.  I found out my daughter recorded our conversation with the first sales person promising us. I have tried to contact T Mobile with no success. Anyone with an idea of what I should do?

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      • barcodeable

        Re: I phone 8 buy one get one free

        In a situation like this, it’s very difficult to provide “what to do next” due to poor customer service reps that pretend to be ignorant but are profiting from misinformation. As you stated, you called T-Mobile Customer service and they told you to handle it in the store that you purchased the device, and the store people are giving you the run around.


        I think it’s too late to return the device for a refund (i will do more research to find out exactly the time frame you have to return the device for a full refund) if i can recall correctly, i believe it’s 15 days.


        You can contact T-Mobile’s Online Customer Service Reps called “T-Force” on Twitter/Facebook, i would suggest not to call the T-Mobile Customer service rep again if they have already passed the buck back to the store.


        Im sorry you are being tricked like this, it’s very    saddening but this type of shenanigans happens all the time with a variety of companies.


        Maybe T-Force have the power to maybe add bill credits to offset the cost of that second iphone. Smart daughter to record the conversation keep that recording as proof of how T- mobile reps in that particular store mistreats its customers.... if T-Mobile can’t fix this situation that their representatives caused.... i would contact your local news station.... im sure an up and coming news reporter would love to have a great story to do about T-Mobile (with an actual recording of the deal). or even think about contacting an online media site, they may be interested in posting up your ordeal on their Network.


        it’s in T-Mobile’s best interest to fix this now before this story gets bigger than this forum can handle.


        Good Luck.

        • magentatechie

          Re: I phone 8 buy one get one free

          Hey there!  I'm so sorry to hear of your troubles with the iPhone 8 BOGO!  Did anyone say anything about a promo code and promotions.t-mobile.com?  I'm might not be incredibly familiar right off hand of which promo you're referring.  There was one that required a port-in, it was $700 off the cost of a second iPhone when you put both on an EIP and port on a line.


          As mentioned above by barcodeable , your best bet is to reach out to T-Force via Facebook or Twitter.  This is a stellar group of advanced care representatives who will be able to assist a valuable customer such as yourself.  Good luck and let us know how it goes!