How can I send an 'AttaGirl' for outstanding above and beyond service?


    One and a half hours with two different service reps and my issue was not resolved. I would like to send an 'AttaGirl' to the store rep that did resolve my issue quickly and to 100% satisfaction. I don't see any way to just send an email to a supervisor/manager or upper level people to just let them know.


    I remember being in tech support that it was always nice when someone thanked me and I was just doing my job, I usually said "don't tell me, tell my boss".

    That can go along way to help in recognizing potential for a manager.


    Yeah, it was attaboys for years and then we added attagirls, probably attapersons now but I am not that politically correct.



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      • tmo_chris

        We would love to pass along this feedback! Do you have the store/rep information?

          • anonemoose





            I was passing by the T-Mobile store on Palm Ave, San Diego, store # 2901 and decided to stop in to check out the ‘essentials’ plan as it was really hard to compare on line. Evelyn assisted me. She explained it would not reduce my billing unless I had more than two lines. She then popped up with “we have other discounts you may qualify for” – never saw anything about a veteran’s discount ever on the web or in advertising so boom, I am saving $20 a month. Since my billing cycle was up in a couple days I said go ahead. Nope, she said to wait until my next bill then I would not be hit with an $80 service change fee. Although she got me set up on the system, it took her a call to support to get it going.




            Then we hit our stopping point, I did not have a PIN for my account. She could not do that as it required a call from me so I said I would do when I got home. She then asked for my phone and set up a couple of links for me to activate things. Like Netflix, which I also did not know I could get for free thru T-Mobile.  Now at home I called support. I got my PIN set up, but could not get the web page to accept it and after 45 minutes was told to try it after a couple hours so the system could see the new PIN, I worked in support long enough to recognize that excuse. Call back later, I now have three PINs from the previous call and nothing works, gave up. I then remembered the URL’s that Evelyn gave me. In 5 minutes I have my Netflix changed over, my veteran status verified and I am on my way. Obviously she knows what she is doing.




            Being an older person I have dealt with those that look at you like you are too old understand technology so Evelyn’s attitude was very refreshing. She is definitely customer  oriented and a great asset to T-Mobile.




            Bill aka anonemoose

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          • tmo_chris

            Thanks so much anonemoose


            We will be sure to get this feedback passed to the store manager