Overuse of Band 12 in heavy populated areas


    My issue with Band 12 is that it will reach further, but cannot handle the throughput that Band 4 and Band 2 will handle.  I end up on Band 12 because it ends up being the strongest signal and can't use it later in the day because it can't handle the amount of connections that it can cover in a higher populated area.


    If I can get connected to Band 4 by some chance when Band 12 is overloaded data will work better.


    Yes, I get 3-4 bars all the time, but it is not usable when the high traffic hits later in the day.


    Sending 1MB mms images in the morning works fine, takes forever to send later in the day because Band 12 is overloaded.


    If anyone has seen this problem, please voice your opinion.

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