Cannot set Primary Account Holder


    I cannot set permissions nor can I set myself as the primary for our account with 2 lines.  We have Samsung Galaxy S9+ phones on the 55 plus plan.  When I try to login I get the message that my 4 of SSN or my birthday are incorrect.  I have seen this addressed on the forum but I cannot get it taken care of on my phone.  Any suggestions?

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      • magentatechie

        Re: Cannot set Primary Account Holder

        Hey there, I'm sorry it's giving you such a hard time.  I actually had the same issue when I first started and it would tell me that my birthday was incorrect (say whaaaa?).  If you call in to 611, they can set up the PAH (Primary Account Holder) for you on the account and the website won't ask you to verify the ssn and birthday anymore.

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