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    I had looked forward to upgrading to the Note 9 using the Bogo promotion with the idea that I would not be charged being a returning long time customer, instead I am being charged a device deposit and line fee due to credit. I was told years ago when I made a switch to Tmobile from Sprint i would be exempt from deposits after successful completion of my contract. I was told I would have 0 down on next upgrade no matter what, I even joined the jump program back then. I strongly feel that this is misleading since its not being honored. I am basically being charged 850 for the whole phone upfront plus whatever taxes with a balance of 100 bucks in financing. Thats not what was sold to me.

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      • magentatechie

        Re: Credit / Deposit???

        Wow, I can definitely see how frustrating this is for you, and I don't blame you for being disappointed.  You said that you switched to Sprint years ago, so unfortunately, that wipes your slate clean in terms of your credit with T-Mobile.  There still exists the 0 Down For All program which allows for the lowest possible down payment for folks who have 12 months of perfect payments, but it can't be honored until a year has passed.  I say "lowest possible" because there are some devices that require a down payment regardless of credit history or tenure, such as the Samsung Galaxy S9+, which requires a minimum of $120 down payment.