Port my number from T-mobile to Mint


    I've been using T-mobile pre-paid for a while. I am going to try out another service. Mint, (which apparently is a subsidiary of T-Mobile anyway.)


    Here is what they say they need from me in order to port my number:


    • Phone number:
    • Activation code:
    • Account number:
    • Pin number:


    The first is obvious. I can give them my number. Also, my "Account Number" has always just been my phone number.


    As far as Activation code and Pin number? Where on Earth would I find those?

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      • tmo_amanda

        Great questions, magenta5781815! Yep, you're right about the account number part. The PIN is generally the 4-digit code used to verify your account when calling Customer Care. As for the activation code, this is generally the code used when you activate the account and the initial airtime is provided. I'm not exactly sure why they're needing this, but I'm wondering if the activation code comes from Mint upon your initial purchase.