Android phone recommendation for Wi-Fi Calling with prepaid plan?


    My wife has an old Nokia 2610 feature phone on a prepaid plan that works just fine for her, but... we're going to be spending a month in an area of New Mexico with poor T-Mobile reception, and so she'd like to switch to an Android phone that supports Wi-Fi Calling: Wi-Fi Calling According to the property owners, once a compatible phone has WiFi access, there's no reception problem.


    The challenge is to find a fairly inexpensive way to swap my wife over to a compatible Android phone for a month.


    I happen to have an old Samsung Galaxy S5 and it seemed like using that might be one way to get this working, but I ran into a few issues:

    1. Is it unlocked? The Galaxy S5 is the SM-G900P model that Sprint provided. In theory, Sprint unlocks phones after the end of the contract, but I don't actually know if this one's unlocked. In trying to test that I realized a couple of other issues...
    2. SIM size incompatibility? The Nokia 2610 uses an old mini SIM; the Galaxy S5 uses a micro SIM; my current Galaxy S7 uses a nano SIM. So there's no easy way to swap SIMs for testing. And even if I could test that the Galaxy S5 is unlocked, it seems I would need assistance from T-Mobile to get a new my wife's account moved to a new micro SIM (or I could use a SIM cutter and make some irreversible damage).
    3. CDMA vs GSM? Oh, and even though the SM-G900P takes a micro SIM, it's primarily a CDMA phone, so it's not 100% clear to me that it will allow calls with a T-Mobile SIM.


    At this point, I thought maybe I'm making this too complex. Maybe I should just look to find an inexpensive Android device that supports WiFi calling. She's not looking for any great features, and would be happy to go back to her Nokia 2610 after the month in NM. So the priority here is a solution that can provide WiFi calling for a month at low cost. A second-hand or refurbished device would be fine, so long as it supports WiFi calling and we can find a way to port her current plan over to a SIM card that the device supports.


    Any ideas would be very welcome!

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