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    I’m very confused about the international rates when making a WiFi call to a number overseas on a T-Mobile One plan. According to the support page, which I have read a thousand times, wifi calls are billed at 0.20$ per minute to most countries.

    But I’ve been now billed over $200 (over 3.00$ per minute) for one call to a Netherlands mobile and a second call to a Switzerland landline. How is this possible?


    If the policy on the website is incorrect, it should be fixed. I would also ask to be reimbursed for these two calls as the policy was misleading (I would have called from another phone had I not already read the policy and been assured the rate would be 0.20$ per minute.


    text and link below: l


    • If you have a T-Mobile ONE or Simple Choice rate plan:



    Wi-Fi Calling from T-Mobile


    How do I get this resolved? The customer care people I’ve spoken to can’t figure out what I’m talking about.



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      • tmo_chris

        Re: International rates over WiFi calling

        Hey lnishikawa


        A $200 charge on my bill would definitely be shocking! Wi-Fi calling is a great way to stay connected when you are in an area without T-Mobile coverage or the coverage is not strong enough and it also provides some benefits when roaming internationally. When in the U.S. Wi-Fi calls placed to other countries are subject to international long distance rates, based on your account/features you have.


        You can see our international rates for any country you want to call here. Calling Abroad | Stateside International Services | T-Mobile. If you opt to add our stateside international feature to your account, you can get discounted rates or even unlimited calling to landlines and mobile numbers in other countries.


        I think the confusion here is that when you are roaming in another country (be it a simple global country) all calls are $0.25 a min incoming and outgoing (if it is to another simple global country). The Wi-Fi calling benefits come into play if you are making and receiving calls back to the U.S with Wi-Fi calling enabled otherwise it will still be $0.25.


        For more information on WiFi calling and WiFi calling billing, you can check out our Wi-Fi Calling from T-Mobile support document for all the details.



        TMO_Chris Mod Note- Updating correct answer to reflect current per/minute rates and link to WiFi calling. 1/3/2019

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          • lnishikawa

            Re: International rates over WiFi calling

            Thanks Chris!


            Yes this is what I thought as well. So I was confused when billed $165 for a wifi call when roaming internationally from a simple global country (Canada) to another simple global country (Netherlands).


            I was expecting 0.20$ per minute in this case but was charged $3.00 per minute. When I contacted customer care they told me that I am not eligible for this rate as I am on a TMobile One plan, but as you see, the page explicitly states that this is the rate specifically for a “TMobile One or Simple Choice rate plan”.


            so you see why I’m confused?



              • barcodeable

                Re: International rates over WiFi calling



                .20 cents per minute is the rate you will be charged if you are in another country making or receiving calls from or to the United States.


                WHILE YOU ARE IN THE UNITED STATES, CANADA, and/or MEXICO making calls to the Netherlands you will be charged $3 per minute for ALL CALLS (LandLine & Mobile) unless you add the Stateside International Calling feature to your current plan... then all of your calls would be unlimited and at no charge to you.


                Note: The Stateside International Calling feature does not come standard with the T-Mobile ONE Plan.... it's included with the T-Mobile ONE Plus international Plan, otherwise you have to pay $15 for this feature.


                I have the (grandfathered) Stateside International Calling feature... and it saves me so much money every month....

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                  • magenta1606268

                    Re: International rates over WiFi calling

                    Use Whasapp, it is an app at the play store.  It works great in Europe.  Calls are free.

                      • barcodeable

                        Re: International rates over WiFi calling

                        Im not a Fan of Facebook.... and they are the current owners of Whatsapp...  i wouldn't feel comfortable with Facebook having my personal information including who I call and when... im sure that information is being sold or used by someone despite whatever privacy policies they display...  ie. Election rigging

                        • magenta7226816

                          When you're using wi-fi calling, don't you notice that there'll be a pop-up warning before you make wi-fi calls that it may be subjected to carrier's charges/ rates? This is because when you're travelling internationally, you're borrowing other countries' carrier towers & when you get connected to that borrowed tower, it'll not discern if you're making a regular phone call & that's the main reason why most uneducated customers still gets charged even while using wi-fi calling. To resolve this, make sure TO PUT YOUR PHONE IN AIRPLANE MODE BEFORE SWITCHING ON WI-FI. By putting your phone in airplane mode, that means you're disconnected from the carrier's towers & your sole connection will be just wi-fi. If you're doing this right, then you should not get charged of roaming charges internationally.

                      • tmo_chris

                        Re: International rates over WiFi calling

                        I can definitely see where the confusion happened. barcodeable is correct though and the Stateside international calling feature is needed to have the unlimited calls to an eligible country while in the United States.

                    • magenta5258553

                      Re: International rates over WiFi calling


                      Can someone explain this in the talk column?

                      • magenta6293665

                        Re: International rates over WiFi calling

                        I recently switched to TMobile (family plan) and got a text message that one of the family plan member accumulated $78 of international calls. I called that member and she's not aware of making any phone calls.  However she received phone calls from the Philippines (the family member in Philippines initiated the Phonecall is using a Phone card).


                        The one thing i don't understand is that the duration of the long distance call should have been paid (pre-paid) thru phone card.  The fact that she only receive phone calls, why she's billed $3 per minute?  This is a scam.

                        • magenta7226816

                          Re: International rates over WiFi calling