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Boston Market LTE..either throttled or JACKED UP


    To whomever reads this-


    I have been a tmobile customer for several years now and am considered somewhat of a "power user". I use 20GB of data per month and have had speed issues in Boston for 5 months. I know how to troubleshoot basics of my device and have been on the phone now ten times with your support team. They have created several tickets and still no resolution.


    I am experiencing HORRIBLE speeds in Boston on my iPhone and this is not a problem that has been limited to my current phone. In downtown  and surrounding areas, I am getting an abysmal 1-2Mbps on LTE. I have reset all settings. I have gotten a new SIM. I have upgraded to an iPhone X. At some points I get 20ish Mbps which isnt bad but still far less than I used to get. What I dont understand is what happened to Tmobile in the last year, because I used to get 70-80Mbps. I promise you isnt is you.


    Either I am being illegally throttled, which I am on a legacy One Plus Promo plan that gives me all of the Plus features for free, so im curious if you are trying to weasel a way to get me off the plan by throttling me, or there is a serious problem with your network in Boston.

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      • lmaocean

        Hey there!


        It is very disappointing to hear that you are unable to get access to T-Mobile's very fast 4G LTE speeds. I have been part of the T-Mobile family since 2016 and I've never had a problem, so I'd definitely like to offer my assistance.


        You could by chance be having a coverage issue. Did any landscape change in your residence area recently? If you are experiencing symptoms such as:

        • Dropped calls,
        • Weak bars (one~two bars, or even none),
        • and what you're experiencing, slower speeds,

        getting a signal booster might help. I wrote a reply to another forum post, which explains everything about signal boosters. Click here.


        As far as the hardware being a problem, I don't really think that the phone would be the cause. If you changed phones and are experiencing the problem, it's really more likely that there are coverage issues than hardware issues.


        You've mentioned that you are on the legacy T-Mobile One plan. I believe that one of the roadblock that you are experiencing is the fact that the old T-Mobile One plan's fine print were that "If you go over 26GB of data in a month, your data speeds may be throttled when you are in congested areas." I dug that up from a 2016 article from CNET, since I wasn't able to find any info on the legacy T-Mo One plan on Could it be because of that? I don't know if you use more than 26GB, and I don't know if the new fine prints that applies for the NEW T-Mobile One plan also applies for legacy plans, but I'd definitely mention that to the customer service agent next time you talk with them. Maybe you're due for a new plan upgrade?


        I don't work for T-Mobile, but please know that i would be glad if I helped in any way possible. You can always contact T-Mobile support at 611 on your cell phone, or through their multiple social media accounts. I hope your coverage issues are resolved. Thanks!

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        • tmo_amanda

          Good morning, korywood!


          It sounds like you've done your fair share of troubleshooting along with making countless calls to our Tech teams to get your data speeds back to where they should be. I'd have to agree that it sounds like something on the backend is going on that's not allowing you to reach your speed's full potential. Do you happen to have any of the tickets that were filed with our Engineers? I'd like to take a peek at them to see if I can figure out what's going on.

          • tmo_chris

            Just checking in here to see how things are going. Please let us know if you still need help.

            • korywood

              Just did a test, 0.8 Mbps in my home and outside my home