insurance non-return fee?


    UNBELIEVABLE COMPANY!! I’ve been with t-mobile for over a year now, paying my monthly payments on time using autopay, never had a late day or issue. T-mobile and their insurance associates ripped me off!! I ordered a new phone in march under my insurance claims and was suppose to send out the broken phone. When I sent out the phone in march via UPS I look on my t-mobile account May 30th only to see I am being charged a 500$ non return fee for something I already returned? When I called in they said they never recieved the phone.. after constantly looking for phone by calling tmobile and UPS it was finally recovered only to get told by tmobile that there is a 90 day limit which i used up 3 days ago and was never informed of!! I told them to let me give them the phone they said no regardless i have to pay 500$ and to top that off they are keeping the phone blocked.. so I’m being charged 500$ for a phone that i do not want and cannot even work?? I hate this company and advise anyone to never use them!!!

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