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    Got my phone tru T mobile brand new. Back in September 2018 i still had Manufacturers warranty. Couple of days ago my phones screen started to go out. I went to Tmobile and they could not help me. I called and i had apple and tmobile on the line and they finally help. I get to the store to pick up my replacement phone and they tell me that the IME numbers dont match! How is that my problem. I pay a insurance every month. I never make a claim and im asking for help. My phone is not a luxury is a necessity. I need some one to help me. I need a working phone!

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      • magenta2702922

        Re: Warranty Exchange

        If the "IME" numbers don't match, it means that it is not the phone you bought from them in September and have been insuring. It appears to them that you are trying to get a warranty replacement for a different phone.

        • tmo_marissa

          Re: Warranty Exchange

          Hey, soed927! Sorry to read about this hiccup!
          Our system should register the IMEI in use based on the one that your SIM communicates to the network. If there's an issue with the IMEI displayed on the account, it may not have captured this correctly -- however, your incoming and outgoing call log in our billing system should still show the right information!
          We'll need a team with account access to take a look at this. It sounds like you've reached out before; I'm sorry that it hasn't gone as smoothly as we'd like!
          If you're still in this situation, I would recommend contacting our T-Force team on Twitter (via DM) or Facebook (via Message). They have an excellent reputation for assisting, even in unusual situations! And in those channels we have a secure platform to verify your account and take a look. You can even link to this thread so that you don't need to explain the situation again!