Empty Box Received Just Now for JOD S9


    I've had many phones shipped over the years directly to me and never once had a problem.


    Today about an hour ago UPS left my JOD S9 on the front steps.

    I was home at the time so I'm positive nobody got it and removed anything.


    As soon as I picked up the box and felt how light it was  I suspected it was empty.

    Thinking that maybe T-Mobile did something weird like send me a box of paperwork I opened it up.


    Inside it was completely empty with the exception of a plastic packing strip.


    One end of the box does appear as if another layer of a different type packing tape was used to seal the box.


    So it appears someone slit the box, removed the phone, re-sealed the box and put it back into transit with UPS.


    Where it happened - I have no idea. Somewhere between the warehouse and the truck.


    No invoice, receipt, paperwork, phone box, nothing. Completely empty.


    Called T-Mobile to report it. Called UPS.

    Once I hear back from them I will report to the local police and hopefully before it goes that far I'll hear the issue has been resolved.





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      • tmo_mike_c

        Re: Empty Box Received Just Now for JOD S9

        Oh geez, that's so sad.


        I think it goes without saying that this isn't the norm and I'm really sorry about this. You did the right thing by reporting it when you called. Our Care folks file Help Desk tickets for things like this which I'm sure was done after you called. I'm sure this'll get resolved for you and we appreciate you keeping us posted on this.