My Complaint tothe FTC: T-Mobile adds services to my account without permisson, currently owe me $420


    I opened my account with a plan that included unlimited data on my line and 2 GB data on the second line.  Throughout my time with T-Mobile they  have been adding a $20 charge to my primary line for additional data.  I have had to call and get this credited several times.  Today I called and was told that since this has been on my account for the past 21 months, T-Mobile feels I have had adequate time to call to remove this from my plan and will only credit the past 3 months ($60).  This means they  will not refund the remaining $360 they charged without permission.  In addition to this they are now telling me that at the time I opened this account in 2014 there was no plan being offered which included unlimited data, which is not even remotely true.  They admit to having records of my account being credit for $60 more than once and larger amounts at least once but when I ask them to explain why I had been credited these amounts I am told there is no note to justify the credit or it was a courtesy adjustment.  I recorded my most recent call with them confirming every item I have in this statement and will be glad to share it with you.

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