Very Unhappy


    I paid my phone bill in full early  on 04/05/18. My bill is $75 a month, but I paid $100 and that would leave me with $25 to go towards next month. This morning on 04/07/18 (due date) I received a no data email, and my service was disconnected and it said I needed to pay $50 to restore service. I went ahead and paid the $50 even though I already paid for this month, and I just assumed it was an error. I just checked my account and I am only credited $25. I need to know where my other money ($50) is at. I should have $75 in reserve not $25. Let me break it down.. I paid $100 early on the 5th and that left me with $25 in reserve. My service was disconnect this morning when midnight hit even though my records show I paid and should have $25 in reserve. I got an email stating I need to pay $50 to restore service. I paid the $50 and immediately got service again. To sum it all up, I paid a total of $150 between the 5th until the 7th for my bill which is $75 a month. I am only showing $25 in reserve for next month. According to my calculations $150- $75= $75 , but my account is showing I have $25. That being said, what happened to my the other $50.

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