Phone from cousin


    Hey there guys, I got a phone from my cousin long time ago and I had been using it for games.

    Recently I got a job so I can afford monthly data.

    Apparently the phone is "SIM locked"/"Activation Locked".


    So the questions I have are:

    How can I confirm this phone is locked and can only be unlocked by T-Mobile?

    My cousin forgot a lot of information about this phone... so can I still get it unlocked without much information...?

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      • gramps28

        Re: Phone from cousin

        What type of phone is it?


        If it's an Android phone there's 3rd party companies that you can pay for an unlock code.

        • smplyunprdctble

          Re: Phone from cousin

          How do you confirm it's locked by T-Mobile?  If it's a T-Mobile branded device (e.g. it has "T-Mobile" on it somewhere or when you boot up it says "T-Mobile" in the startup), it's a T-Mobile device (I'm uncertain if there's any devices T-Mobile locked besides iPhones that don't have T-Mobile branding).  To find out if it's locked, you.. uh... put a non-T-Mobile SIM in it and try it out (if your cousin was awesome, s/he would have unlocked it before gifting it to you.  Think about that next time Christmas comes around and you're shopping for their gift ).  If it works, it's unlocked, if it pops up a message complaining invalid SIM or something, it's locked.


          if it's been "a long time ago", your cousin wouldn't qualify for an unlock code currently, if it's locked to T-Mobile (your cousin would be the only one eligible to get an unlock code from T-Mobile anyway) -- there's a stipulation that the device must have been used on T-Mobile's network in the previous 45 days -- and "used" means some unknown period of time up to like a week or so.


          I agree with gramps28 -- your best bet may be a third party company that provides unlock codes.