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    Hello. I have a question. I'm planning on getting a new cell phone because my previous cell phone has a cracked screen and I can't see anything on it. I had it for more than a year ago. So I want to get a new phone. So my question is-how do I buy a new phone that I want? I'm on my account to shop for phones and every time I click the Shop section I can't find the upgrade option. I guess my old phone doesn't have the upgrade option. But anyway I still want to buy a new phone. I was wondering if I could buy a Samsung Galaxy S9 when I'm shopping for phones. But whenever I press the Shop section it shows me phones that I don't want to buy. It doesn't show the Samsung Galaxy S9 phone that I want to buy. I'm a current member of T-Mobile. I have a Samsung Galaxy J7 Simply Prepaid (10GB 4G LTE) WC. I also want to keep my current phone number. I want to buy a Samsung Galaxy S9 to replace my old device because of a cracked screen. I know its a stupid question to ask but any help would be great. Thank you.

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      • smplyunprdctble

        Re: Getting a new cell phone

        I THINK prepaid folks get a different selection for devices available online than non-prepaid (for whatever reason -- I'm guessing "budget"? Different inventories? *shrug*)


        You're always welcome to go in store to purchase the device you want.  Or, over the phone.


        When the new device comes in, just move your SIM card from the old to the new and you should be all set.

        • gramps28

          Re: Getting a new cell phone

          Also are you signed into your account?

          • cr1979

            Re: Getting a new cell phone

            Sorry. I was busy. Yes I am signed into my account on my computer. I can't do it on my phone because the screen is cracked and I can't see anything.

              • tmo_mike_c

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                Sorry to hear about your phone. That's a real bummer but we definitely want you to get another one. When you're signed into your account do you have the option to buy the S9? If not, what happens when you try? As stated above, you could pick up one at any T-Mobile retail store.

                • dragon1562

                  Re: Getting a new cell phone

                  So when it comes to upgrades all phones are paid for ether in full, with payments over a length of time, or if there is a special promo in the forum of credits generally. Since you are unable to place the order online I would just walk into a retail store and buy the phone there. This way they can transfer your number no problem and even give you a new sim that fits the S9. The S9 uses a Nano sim which is a bit smaller than your current one.

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