Problem with new update


    How do we correct the new version of the message individual custom text alerts? Once I changed to the new update i am unable to customize individual text message alerts.


    I had to use a different text message app to do this. Are they (Samsung) or Tmobile working on a solution?

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      • tidbits

        Re: Problem with new update

        Samsung removed the feature, and you need to contact Samsung to see if they will put the feature back at a later update or not.

          • magenta4481462

            Re: Problem with new update

            I am super ticked about this too! Today I read an article that suggested downloading the Textra app. I did, and it's WAY better then the default Samsung. Now I have all my contacts w/ their individual notification sounds back! It's been an irritating few days not knowing who was texting. I get 100's of texts a day and really only need to know when my daughter or boss is texting! Try it! You won't be disappointed!