Lack of quality Advantage OR Employee Discounts


    I first would like to say I am still a positive guy with desire and passion for a great data service. However, t-mobile employees have mostly not been helpful to business customers. Taylor, a recently permotee did not assist due to commission charge backs from a year ago. I since then have been disconnected for non payment and jump on nightmare has EIP charges. The truth is the devices are not being returned by associates making it hard to settle the balance. Apparently the business department with trade up should have properly handled the account to place each associates on seperate plans transfering the equipment agreement with the corporate discount in what should be a sub account from my original business account. The company would still have paying customers in access of 1000 people by now if it would stop limting the unlimited in the t-mobile brand. I still have only 2 of the several lines on the account. The loss of a business number and 2 step verification lock has cost me several thousands in revenue.


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      • tmo_lauren

        Oh man, this is definitely not the experience we want to see anyone having.


        Unfortunately we are pretty limited in our options here on Support since this is a public forum. Have you already been in touch with our Business Care? You can actually chat with them here  T-Mobile for Business There's a little chat link on the right side!



        • ernestolaborda

          There's definitely a lack of knowledge in that Advantage Program team, and even worst on the customer service satisfaction. I recently switch from AT&T and I was supposed to get $200 per line with my employer promotional code. After hours talking to customer service, etc, they ended up saying there was no really promotion going on and I decided to go to the store instead. Now that I have proof of the employee discount, they don't want to honor me the VISA Reward Cards and their told me over the phone, that if an agent said something that was not accurate, it was not their fault. Who's fault is then, mine? They even mentioned it was scaled to supervisors, and they said no either. So not sure who to reach out, or how to find a solution here, because if you use your corporate email to verify your discount, you still get the wrong information, and as their suggestion, I'm not planning on canceling the lines and getting them again, because that's not what a reliable company should do. Any help would be greatly appreciated.