Should I stay or switch my current plan?


    Hi Everyone,


    I currently have simple choice plan with 4 lines and I pay about $130/month included all tax, with unlimited talk, text and 2.5GB data with a promo increased data to 4GB until Feb 2019.


    Right now I'm planning to add an extra line for my younger brother who is at the age of need of a cellphone. So therefore it would become 5 lines,


    I was wondering should I just add an extra line and stay with the current simple choice plan or should I switch to T-Mobile ONE?


    Which one will be more worth the money?


    What will the price difference be? What difference benefit are there?


    I also heard with T-Mobile ONE LTE data you can't watch video above 720p? With simple choice when the Bingo is turn on I know there is a limit but I was able to turn it off, so what limits does the the T-Mobile ONE unlimited LTE data have?




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      • j.a.r.v.i.s

        Re: Should I stay or switch my current plan?

        Hi @leol - this is true.  T-Mobile One would be slightly more with the current offer ($140 for 4 lines), and you loose the ability to stream at HD resolution.  T-Mobile One only streams at 480p unless you add One Plus or One Plus International.  The One Plus add HD streaming, LTE tethering (I've gotten as high as 30Mbps) and a few other extras, but does cost an extra $10-25/line.  See if it's a good match for you as it could add up.


        Check your plan as well - do you get charged for over 4GB data or just de-prioritized?  If you just get de-prioritized, the trade-off is unlimited LTE data vs. HD streaming...recall that if you go over 4GB, you could be throttled during congestion...but with T-Mobile One, that limit is 50GB! (I've never hit that high ever)


        Also, think about the fact that 480p vs 720p on a small screen is really not noticeable. I've not done a lot of tests, but general consensus is that it's not that important.

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        • tmo_marissa

          Re: Should I stay or switch my current plan?

          Hey, leol! Just wanted to check in here and see if j.a.r.v.i.s's answer helped out, or if you still had any questions. Please let us know if you do!