Unlocked ATT Note 5 text and call problems


    I have an unlocked ATT note 5 now with T-Mobile for a year. I've been having two problems since day one of switching to T-Mobile. The first is that when I receive some calls from other cell phones, I hear nothing, and the caller hears an ear shattering screach. They call back, it might do it a second time, then it might go through fine. At least 10 percent of calls. Number two is when I send some texts, 10 percent maybe a little less, the thing whirls around  and around, or even says it didn't send, but the receiver really did receive it. Or  sometimes it just keeps spinning and really doesn't send. I have to repeat texts many times because I don't know if they were really sent. This phone never did any of this while with ATT, only since switching to T-Mobile. In store reps did nothing but mess up my settings.

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      • tmo_marissa

        Hey, magenta4359200. Thank you so much for switching -- I'm sorry to read that your experience hasn't been the stellar one we'd hope for! It sounds like you worked with our retail team to set the device up originally -- have you had a chance to speak with our Tech support team over the phone thus far? We may need to double check your APN settings, or file trouble tickets in case this issue is network related and not device related!