Problems with EIP Reimbursement


    I did the GetOutOfTheRed switchover and submitted 2 EIP reimbursements totally over $2,500. Everything on your website advertises "typically 15 days" - including the "Full Terms" link. I got 2 reimbursement payment failed text messages - because of errors with your system showing my old phones from when I was a customer before switching to Verizon over a year ago and another because your upload system didn't display my uploaded screenshot properly. I've had 2 phone conversations with reps that have both told me everything is fixed in the system and that they've manually approved them, but your system's status update still shows they're not approved. My old plan is with my employer. They will pay my phones and take $2,500 out of my pay on the 1st. 2018-T-Mobile-getoutofthered-01.png



    *edited screenshots to remove personal information - Marissa

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        Re: Problems with EIP Reimbursement

        Hey, ron21, welcome and thanks for posting. I edited the screen shots in your post because our Community is a public user forum and we didn't want your personal information out there. In our experience, the improvements to the timeline for Carrier Freedom and Get Out of The Red do usually result in a much faster reimbursement -- although we're not able to guarantee that the funds will arrive at such a pace that we should discourage customers from paying their balances and then getting reimbursed by these programs. Sometimes it does work out so that you can use the funds to pay your final bill yourself, and it certainly sounds like in your situation that would be preferable!

        The best folks to get to the bottom of this will be the reimbursement team themselves. While our Care representatives have promo tools they can use to get an overview of the status, the reimbursement team can view submissions and make sure everything's in place. I can't promise it's possible in all cases, but we've heard from customers previously that they've been able to provide more specific payout timelines as well. Since it sounds like there were some system hiccups with this offer that could be negatively impacting your submission, I think your best bet would be to reach out and see if this issue warrants escalation to be resolved.

        You can reach the reimbursement team Monday - Saturday from 5 AM to 9 PM PT by dialing:


        To reach an agent:

        1. Press 1 for English or 2 for Spanish.
        2. Press 3.
        3. Press 1.
        4. Press 1.

        Since you mentioned the dollar amount of your submission and having switched two lines, I also want to make sure to mention that the #GetOutoftheRed offer is limited to a maximum of $650 in payout per line and up to five reimbursements total (for both consumer and T-Mobile for Business accounts). I might be missing something since we can't review the account from here (and I super hope that I am!) but I'd rather be up front with you now than have you disappointed again in what has clearly already been a frustrating experience. We don't want to see this go further south, especially since the old plan was with your employer. I hope I'm not the bearer of bad news and that I simply misread your original post!
        Lastly, I did make a modification to your username. I sent you a PM, which you can check in your inbox when you have a moment -- if there's another username you'd prefer, please let me know!

        Thank you again for joining our Community and reaching out here.

        - Marissa