Alcatel 665 display suddenly upside down & backwards


    I have fully charged it, turned it off and back on, turned it off and removed & replaced battery.  Functions still work but I have to look at it in a mirror to navigate!!! Help.  I have never had problems with this phone before.

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      • dragon1562

        Have you made sure that the device is not locked into portrait mode? You may have turned off screen rotation on accident. There is also the chance that the gyroscope inside the device went bad in which case you will need to exchange the phone. If you were to watch something like Youtube can you force it into landscape for things like videos? If no then the device is definently defective.

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          • angelacrowe

            Thanks for the reply, but it is not an issue of landscape vs portrait.  It is flipped mirror image so that it is only readable in a mirror - very weird.  It is an old flip phone; no data.  I love it though because I only want it for phone calls and it is also an FM radio.  Perhaps you youngsters don't know or care about those.  ;-)  Anyhoo - last night I let the battery run low, turned it off and charged it for 8+ hours.  Low and behold it fixed itself!!!  I know these phones won't last forever, but I am so glad it still works at least for now.

          • tmo_mike_c

            Hi there!


            Just checking in to see if you've tried dragon1562 suggestion to see if it helps. The only other last step I can think of that'll resolve this is resetting the device. Please keep us posted on this. Thanks!


            Master reset: T-Mobile 665

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            • meemee25611197

              Had the same problem and it was mad annoying.

              I read somewhere online that the issue maybe recalibration, something like that.I'd apparently have to drop my gadget to the floor to fix a sensor.

              Thought it was crazy,but I did power Dow,and give the phone a real good shake in every direction. Hit it a couple of times on a soft surface(couch,bed),Powered it back on and was back to normal.


              I know this is an old post but

              For anyone who visits this page and who has the same issue ,try this out