Clarification about sms cost


    Hi TMobile Comunity,

    I would like to ask whether with a prepaid plan "Pay As You Go" I am paying also for the text message I am receiving. I ask this because, whilst I cannot check the expenses on the site, it seems to me that my balance was depleted and the value lost is approximately matching the ("Number of Messages Received" + Number of Messages Sent) x "Cost of Message".

    It sounds weird to pay for received messages (from standard users), but I would like to check, since I didn't expected that balance loss.


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      • snn555

        Re: Clarification about sms cost

        Every message that comes in or is sent out counts against your total allotment of messages.

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        • smplyunprdctble

          Re: Clarification about sms cost

          In the days of yore, it was always both incoming and outgoing messages.


          Just like your minutes used are incoming and outgoing minutes.  You don't find it weird to pay for incoming calls, right?


          I understand you can't control your incoming texts.  The "control" you had for incoming calls to avoid hitting minutes was to not answer them.  But, alas, all text messages are counted either direction, and a PAYG account can be depleted quickly if you forget your Slack credentials and they decide to send you six different two-factor authentication codes (this incident actually happened to me today, and I can imagine frustration if I lost sixty cents out of my account).

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          • dragon1562

            Re: Clarification about sms cost

            The answer is yes, receiving texts counts against you, which was pointed out by other users. It is worth mentioning that their are very cheap plans out there should this be a concern that include unlimited sms usage. I have found them to be as low as $15 dollars a month in some cases. I mention this incase it was becoming a issue.

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