Have HUGE issue with T-Mobile cracked screen policy. NEEDS UPDATED!


    Currently, all 3 phones on my plan have cracked screens.  Not any of the LED panels, just the glass screens.  2 of the 3 devices have good quality cases on them as well and have since purchasing the phones.  My phone, Galaxy S7 Edge, only fell about 9 inches, landed flat on it's back, on it's case, and the front glass cracked pretty bad!  I'm not even sure HOW to protect against something like that!! But I get it, out phones nowadays are almost all glass, and glass cracks.


    But in order to upgrade with Jump, the phone needs to be in perfect shape, of course.  I've wanted to upgrade to the Note 8 since it was released, especially after needing to return my Note 7 and getting stuck with this S7 Edge that i really didn't want.  I would of rather stuck with my Note 5 instead, but I kind of got the raw end of the deal in that situation.  So, I have put up with the S7 figuring I would get the Note 8 at release.  Then my screen cracked 2 weeks prior.  I can't afford to use my insurance and pay $175 to fix the screen and then pay for the Note 8 on top of that.


    The cost to fix a cracked screen with T-Mobile is outrageous at this point.  I did some research into the other big cell companies and it really makes the T-Mobile price look even worse!  Here is the info I found for Android devices since Apple phones can just use Applecare.


    Verizon - $29

    ATT - $89 and same day repair in some areas

    Sprint - $50-$125 depending on the phone


    Applecare - $29 up to 2 repairs

    No Applecare - $129 small screen $149 large screen



    Now i'm sorry, but I think $175 deductible to replace the glass screen is just too expensive at this point.  This is the first time since I've switched to T-Mobile that i'm seriously considering making the switch back to Verizon or maybe ATT.  I originally moved over to T-Mobile because the plans were considerably cheaper and I was willing to deal with the slightly smaller network coverage.  However, the prices have changed for all carriers enough to the point that going with Verizon wouldn't really be more expensive.  Especially taking into account discounts my wife and I get through work with Verizon, and then the difference in cost getting phone screens repaired because they almost always end up breaking!  I'm crazy protective over my phone, people think i'm seriously crazy because of how protective I am with my phone, and even my screen breaks.  Something needs to change, or I will be saying goodbye to T-mobile in the very near future, and that is very unfortunate. 


    I've said my peace. 



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      • tidbits

        My guess you are on the original jump and that's why the deductible is high. If you were on the later jump it should be $99.  I want to add because of jump not all that money goes into insurance since it is bundled not many people know how much of that goes into insurance. It's safe to assume T-Mobile isn't going to take an operational and equipment loss and let the insurance company make all the money. With that in mind


        Assurion upped their costs and lowered the deductible last I remember. The other big 3 use them and with a higher premium eqals lower deductible.  The more customers the potential to profit and may lower the deductible a bit  It's the insurance companies who set the insurance rules. T-Mobile could drop Assurant but they'd have to hold all liability and it's honestly something that could bite them in the bottom.

        • tmo_marissa

          Welcome, jhibinger, and thanks so much for taking the time to share your concern and research here!
          tidbits is correct that our current Premium Device Protection services -- PDP Plus or JUMP! Plus -- do offer a lower cost replacement option than the $175 deductible, at $99. That said, the research you've done is definitely helpful, and we're always looking for ways that we can evolve our services and improve any process for our customers to offer the best possible experience. Shattering a screen (or any device damage, for that matter) is rough enough to manage, and we want to offer competitive solutions. We appreciate this feedback and we have passed this up the chain to the appropriate teams for review!


          - Marissa

          • dragon1562

            Just wanted to ask if there was a 3rd party you could work with to fix the device. Have you tried Samsung directly to see what their cost is? I also want to say that I'm sorry this happened to you and that like others have mentioned the cost to repair is often not dictated at all by the carrier themselves since they don't actually make the repairs.

            • magenta6863448

              I just experienced a similar issue. I recently upgraded to the galaxy Samsung 8 and in less than 1 week the screen cracked really bad. I took it in to the tmobile store in Wheaton plaza in Maryland but the two managers were no help and one was rude. I called customer care and was hung up on and so I called back and explained the situation  and was told that there was nothing that they could do. I was bounced around through customer service to the store to insurance to customer care then rerouted to insurance without requesting that by customer care. Customer service is customer care  and they were not helpful. They gave me a crappy phone with the cheapest screen that cracked. I was cheated too. Tmobile should be ashamed of themselves and customer care and customer service at the wheaton plaza mall needs to improve. I'm a long time customer but I am very dissatisfied and will consider changing providers.

                • dragon1562

                  Doesn't matter which character you pick they all rely on the same insurance company for devices. Honestly, I don't know how everything all went down but is it possible that the call just disconnected. I don't really hear much about T-moble reps just hanging up on customers especially now that they changed there support policy so that you get the same group of people each time. Also as far as the S8 being a crappy phone I used it for a long time before upgrading to the S9+ its not a crappy phone and they are not the ones that make the device.


                  Your best bet is to work with the manufacturer which is Samsung and have them repair it for you.

                    • magenta6863448

                      The samsung galaxy 8 phone cracked within the first week terribly. It doesnt hook up to the bluetooth in my car. The samsung galaxy 7 was better. My l best friends niece had the same issue with this samsung galaxy 8. Your phone may have been ok but mine was a crappy defective phone. You can't pacify every situation. Tmobile is responsible since that is the company that sold me that particular phone. A phone should be durable to last more than one week. Especially one that costs over 600 dollars. I still will opt for another phone company in time because you may still get better customer service than what I received yesterday with this issue. I got the run around.

                        • dragon1562

                          I don't know what to tell you, man. T-mobile doesn't make phones, they just provide a service. You may indeed find better customer support elsewhere but the whole beginning about complaining about your phone is misdirected anger. All 4 carriers sell the Samsung Galaxy S8. It was also one of the best selling phones in the states. You didn't mention how you cracked it but I assume you dropped it which would lead me to ask how high, what it fell on and if you had a case. I mean phones are decently durable all things considered and the S8 is actually more durable than the s7. This has been proven in controlled testing.


                          T-mobile does not have a responsibility to you over the phone since the way that it broke doesn't fall under any normal warranty that would be covered. Nor do they have the means to repair it themselves for you. This is why you need to either contact the manufacturer or if you have insurance pay the deductible for a replacement.


                          If you want a durable phone they make those, by the way, look at things like Samsungs active line or other companies that design for those specifications in mind.