Why only S8 & S8+ Testing Android Oreo?


    I am currently a T-Mobile Customer and i've been testing Android Oreo on my Note8 for the last 2-3 months.  Is the Android Oreo builds being tested internally or externally?  With the Galaxy Note8 being Smartphone of the year and Samsung's Flagship Device, i do not understand why the Note8 wouldnt receive testing first.  I'm just glad i have the ability to run Oreo betas on my Note8 just because i know how....

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      • tidbits

        Re: Why only S8 & S8+ Testing Android Oreo?

        That's up to Samsung, and the Note 8 requires more development as there are additional things to code for.  So the S8/S8+ should be finished sooner.  Samsung may have beta's available but that's their own internal testing, and not T-Mobile testing to ensure it does no harm to their network, and the features they pay Samsung to add works.

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        • theartiszan

          The people who can participate in the beta are selected and with with Samsung on. T-Mobile doesn't control the beta but allows it's customers to participate unlike other us carriers.

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          • dragon1562

            I also want to add that the s8 is the older device and has not had a single update since release. The GS9 is also around the corner so Samsung quite literally has to roll out Oreo soon to not anger  the S8 owners like myself. All things consider the note 8 is in a good place. I believe it is running 7.1 of Nougat which was very stable and had many benefits over 7.0. I'm sure the note will get the update 4 - 7 months from now.

              • devicemanager

                I'm just glab we have been able to flash these Android Oreo Builds, almost from start to finish, feeling the smoothness, quickness, and snappyness between the older and newer builds, almost 10 to be exact.  Ran a Benchmark on each and everyone, and the results you could easily see.  They're might not have been a changelog with every......with any of the Oreo Builds, but DEFINITELY WORTH IT TO THOSE TIRED OF WAITING...