AC-1900 Router: Patch Available for Security Vulnerability?


    Hi T-Mobile!


    I have a T-Mobile AC-1900 router with Firmware Version:


    Security researches identified 2 vulnerabilities (CVE-2018-5999 and CVE-2018-6000) which, when combined, allow for Remote Code Execution from within the LAN network. Essentially, anyone on your local network (even on a separated guest network) can do anything they want to the affected ASUS routers, including RT-AC86U routers with Firmware versions below


    I wanted to confirm:

    1. If the AC-1900 is affected by these vulnerabilities (I assume it is)
    2. If so, when T-Mobile will be offering firmware upgrades


    A news article on this topic can be seen at:


    Links to CVEs:

    NVD - CVE-2018-5999

    NVD - CVE-2018-6000

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